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Being controversial in consumer brands, does it really work?

Honey Maid is a fascinating case from the US market with its latest campaign of “It’s wholesome”, featuring different kinds of families such as gay couples, single dad in the storyline. This has generated substantial interest and response within a very short period of time, a follow-up “Love” viral video to counter the negative response. The whole campaign was created carefully and comprehensively while the counter-response to the negative sentiments further strengthened and deepened the campaign’s impact on the market.

It’s a simple to understand creative concept. But most importantly, you can see that the creative was well thought through especially in how to face the push back and prepare to counteract. Nothing can be done spontaneously. In today’s world of rapid sharing and giving feedback, every brand has to think about their risk management plan as well as the response message and channels that can be used to react.

Whether it is a local or international brand, it is vital to think about possible consequences of communication messages. One of the best ways is to prepare through conducting proper research or engage with key influencers and social media experts to identify and plan for possible scenarios, opportunities and effective solutions. In the process of social media planning, there are many different versions but essentially the 4-stages of planning are “Listening about what is being talked about and by whom, “Identifying the key influencers and messages”, “Creating conversations to engage key influencers and channels/platforms”, “Monitoring the market through tracking of new influencers, topics and setting parameters for tracking”.

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