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Why not improve your social media and website performance today?

If you are marketers who struggle to get up-to-date opportunities and improvements in social media, website and email marketing, here are a few good articles for your leisure reading.

12 productivity tools for social media marketers - tell you about email marketing, website analytic, content plan and search marketing. All good tools you or your team should know and use today.

Influencer Marketing - sure you know why marketers deploy influencers in marketing for brands. But what and how to effective find and measure the right influencers is a headache question to most marketers. The link here provides some good tips and platforms for marketers to use.

Website health check - it is not a must that every marketers know their website performance or what measurements. Here are a list of health check for marketers to make improvement on website in the areas of structure, content, search setting or measurement tools. It worths for marketers to take these attributes to discuss with your team or web developer.

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