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What do parents of successful kids do?

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You don't have to agree with all the research findings. But here it is the commonalities of those parents of successful kids. It's never be too late to learn from others and use your best way to improve parenting skill.

1/ Ask kids to do chores - be responsible and play a part of the whole (family or company in future)

2/ Teach their kids social skills - train the communications skill and meet with strangers

3/ They have high expectation - self-fulfilling prophecy

4/ They have attend higher educational levels - raise the kids as they did

5/ They develop a relationship with each other - conflicting parents easily have bad effect on kids

6/ They teach their kids math early on - concept in math also relate to reading achievement

7/ They develop a strong relationship with their kids - give supports to kids to explore the world

8/ They are less stressed - emotion state like stress can transfer to kids. Stressful "helicopter" parents are affects kids poorly.

9/ They value effort over avoiding failure - a "growth mindset" encourage taking challenges

10/ The moms work - role model set to daughter, and equality on gender

11/ They have a higher socioeconomic status - (may be in America only)

12/ They are authoritative rather than authoritarian or permissive - (research in 1960 - may be too outdated)

13/ They teach grit - it's about "commitment" and making continuous effort

See the whole article, please click the following link

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