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What we do

Cheer Box shares inspirations, ideas and new practices to living.  There is new things to explore, learn and experience in everyday.  Life is short. 

What we offer

CheerDrawing - Kitty Wong's drawing journal - self learnt, persistent in practicing, from doodle, zentangle to watercolor, lino print, digital art.   It is a fun and grateful journey to explore, learn and experience in everyday.  


Art License - themed artworks for art license opportunity. 


Shop -  home-made gift items and ideas for those who love arts and appreciate a bit of arts in everyday living.


Neon Art -  Master Wong is at his 79 years old, Hong Kong the most senior neon light master. He is open to new art work making and collaboration.  Commission work is also welcomed.  




Ideas that excite and inspire your creativity 
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New Ways of Thinking:


Share with us your insights so that we can collectively inspire others.  

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