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How to optimize digital marketing and promotions for closing Q4 in this year and plan for 2015?

Many marketers in Hong Kong have experienced digital marketing such as campaigns on social networks, set-up own-brand websites and focused on communications via facebook, as well as tried mobile marketing and mobile apps. A key question is how to optimize the performance of digital marketing elements to gain solid business results?

When massive amounts of campaign data are collected, what’s the best way to do benchmarking and measurement when everything is evolving? How to derive learning and insights to drive practical next steps and define the focus?

When Q3 is about to close and Q4 is already being developed, there is really no time to create new ideas for this year. Also there is insufficient time to explore new opportunities as the budget has already been planned for the following year.

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, there are common challenges for both B2C and B2B marketers. There is no magic wand to solve every problem, but here are some tips that can help...

1/ Short term wins – there are some quick fixes and effective marketing actions in the digital world, eg a facebook post push, buy key words to drive more traffic to websites, develop a social game or mobile location promotion, etc. It will cost some marketing investment, but it is worthwhile to build up the momentum through these new tactics before a final push to the finishing line.

2/ Experiment to start the learning process – this is the real magic of digital as you can plant the seed to collect data and information and in the process learn whether the result is a success or a failure. For example, develop and understanding of what consumers respond to and how this is affected by different timing, channels and messages of delivering offers or promotions. Follow this link to see the latest industry research into consumer search behavior.

search behavior inforgraphic.png

3/ Setting priorities and goals – apart from the “given” business target growth, you need to set your marketing priorities and goals when planning for next year. Here are some good references from Digital Information World to inform your planning process:

2014 digital marketing trend – a 2013 year-end survey asked 2,500 global marketers about what they aimed to do in 2014. Respondents were keen to improve customer experience, content marketing and the use of marketing technology. Planned spending would see an increase in driving engagement in the customer lifecycle, gathering data and analytics and using greater marketing automation. They also wanted to have more measures of ROI from mobile and social media. Have you wanted to do more of this in 2014? If yes, go to the following links and learn more…

2014 digital marketing.png

4/ Everything contributes to your branding – whatever you do for short-term wins or new tactics to explore customer insights, these marketing tactics are being viewed as your brand identity. If your promotional offer is actually the same as your competitors in the market, it’s important to create a unique experience or presentation in storytelling, personality and image. Take a look at how American Express handles its customer promotion vs how HSBC does it. They may offer similar discount promotions during the peak shopping season, BUT their communication and creative are quite different to convey their branding.

Contact us at if you’d like to discuss how your digital marketing can be improved today and in the future.


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