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What you do at downtime?

Some say that it's okay to enjoy downtime with yourself. Mostly, it may be doing nothing but on the phone browsing, playing mobile game, or watching various Netflix TV shows.

On that, sometimes ago that I measured how much my downtime in a week, and then a month that I spent more those kind of nothing. Turned out, it was a massive hours of over 20 hours in a week, and over 80 hours a month. With such, I possible could be able to get a master degree in a year or so. Therefore, I stopped my every night downtime of computer gaming, and weekend mahjong, and applied for a distance learning MBA in UK. In next few years, I was back to UK for a week every year for 3 times, studied every nights after work, and took exams. After a long thesis done, I got my MBA in the 4th year. It is not a story about getting a master degree....

The point is no one change your world, but only yourself. The motivation to change can be you find something meaningful, or not meaningful on spending your time on.

In a world of convenience in getting your downtime occupied, swamping yourself with digital socializing, it is easily be loosing your control of time. When my friend said "why run when you can walk", I said "why walk when you can run". Your energy, passion, or motivation is not always at same level as you want. When you can learn more, earn more, gain more, I suggest to spend more time in something meaningful to yourself. If you are a parent, don't ask your child to keep learning but you have to do it first.

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