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See More, Know More

More you see, more you know. More you know, more you see.

Simple as you see more of game of thrones, you know more about the characters and what they get through. More you know these characters, you see more about the chemistry and plot of how the behind and next the story will go.

Is it like what life is about?

More you experience, more your understand. More understanding you have, more you may experience in deeper or wider.

More you practice, more you master the skill. More skill you master, more you can try on newer things.

Point is not just touch and go (or hit and run), but go deeper and know more.

Engage deeper will reveal and inspire something new.

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Artwork by CheersKitty Wong. All right reserved.

Lino cut #5. By Kitty Wong. My 2nd month of new lino cut art work. Enjoying the crafting and printing experience. Surprising to the technique and impacts along the thinking to printing process.

#inspiration #pattern #linoprint #linocut #flowers #printmaking

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