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Manage myself instead of somebody else manage me. 10 Tips of "Manage Myself", a new time

When you are too busy in managing your meetings, finishing tasks, dealing with family matters, you may feel the stress and loss in yourself. Here the 10 tips from different time management course and live practice are effective to the busy mom or dad who in stressful workspace. Taking control of your time instead of somebody else manage yours.

1. manage the difficult task or problem at starting of the day - unload your stress so as to deal with the rest tasks of the day

2. schedule the Blank slot for yourself - to think those are not in the daily tasks, particularly good when you are swamped with tight schedule. Mark your own Blank slot for yourself

3. be the one control your mood - when stress is unavoidable, make sure you can take control rest of others non stressful time.

4. take nutritional food as your source power - oat toast, roughage nurture your brain, raise concentration and thinking power

5. don’t be the one ruin your schedule - arrange scattered meetings to one morning or afternoon, keep the rest to your organised and productive time

6. do thing in one go - if possible, deal with thing in one time instead of partial pieces. Take it off your task list as soon as possible

7. say “No” - when you are in middle of something, give “do not disturb” to others. or ask them to come back at other time. It works and sometimes people can deal with problem themselves when you don't help them.

8. train up your body - do morning walk, yoga, body training everyday. It is not just for physical good, but it strengthens your mental health.

9. take deep breathe or a nap - at stressful moments, you need immediate remedy, ie take a deep breathe to bottom of your lung, gives it oxygen to refresh the body. A good nap helps a lot too.

10. a rest moment at everyday - we turn off mechanical engine everyday, why not we do it for ourself?

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