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Secret to Happiness

According to a recent Harvard research study on "Happiness", it found out that the most important factor to happiness is not about "being rich" or "be famous" like most people think about. At the end of day, the ultimate key to happiness is -- "having good relationship", be it with family, friend or community. Why's that?

1/ Loneliness kill - as found in the research result. Be it rich or poor people, at the low time and lonely at older age, without any support or caring from others, it's likely hard to recover.

2/ "Good relationship" contributes to both physical and mental health as per research shown. How it happened? When you have someone care about you, you are likely to take good care of yourself for benefit of others, like quit smoking, eat well, watch over your body weight.

So, how to make "good relationship"?

Here it is a few tips from CheerBox that it may help you to acquire the key to "Happiness" by having good relationship.

Having good relationship requires good effort. You may just need to remember 2 key words "listen" and "share", you are easily be a happy person.

LISTEN - Pay the effort of listening to other's story, explanation, and everyday little things. It takes a further mile to open the heart to listen and put yourself into other's shoes. People can feel your listening.

SHARE - it is not necessary sharing of deep feeling or sentiment. Sharing of simple everyday happenings, people know you more and also they exchange to you too.

Spending a short moment with your family to listen and share in everyday, you not only know more of your close ones and also they know you more too.

You may go to the following link to see the Director of Harvard study in TedTalk for details.

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