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4 keys to win new clients, agency should prepare for today

Agency is having very difficult business pitching today. No one agency can do everything for client. Here the insights for agency to rethink how to win new clients

1/ Intriguing Content - don't just turn selling points into videos

Don't just trying hard to turn client's selling points into video or photos for, and hope that it will be social viraling. The fact is the one get most viraled is the content generates real emotion that people can relate to.

Great cases: "Dove Real Beauty Sketches", "Coke Hello Happiness", "Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS", "World's toughest job from".

2/ Technology Advance - capture what's today. Not tomorrow's.

Don't use new technology to just arouse attentions and eye-balls. Most clients like technology that bring real business (sales).

Use real cases to sell the technology and wisely adapt it to fit your client's needs.

Explore opportunities in the collected data through technology, so as to enhance client's selling circle.

3/ Channel Specific - no one idea for all channels

Consumers have multiple screens at home and office, and also on-the-go. Reaching them is not only about the channels to use, but also about timing and format of the content. Advance level is create different response and commentary at different channels.

4/ Fast Fast Fast Fast - fast response came from early planning

In social media and technology channels, there is zero tolerant in delayed response or downtime. Plan ahead your conversation map, message-tree and content material, back-up plans for crisis. It speeds up response time and readiness of resources.

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